Sandplay - A web site to further explain the method of therapy known as "sandplay", a modern effective approach used by Tim Hamilton and other trained therapists and counselors today, to address issues within the psyche that are not readily available to our thinking but which may be 'drawn out' with interaction with the sand and appropriate sandplay articles. The image developed in the sand may give us a pictorial view of the conflict being experienced. Tim Hamilton will use Sandplay with clients who are having difficulty with verbal expression of distressing elements of their experience.

Jung Typology Test - A web site called "" where a few of the *Jungian personailty tests may be taken for free. Based on Jungian typology theory, these tests can provide valuable insight into what intra- and inter-personal communications skills we have developed and how we prefer to interact when relating to certain people or situations. This is more of an assessment of our makeup as opposed to an absolute description of who we are. Nevertheless the results can prove to be enlightening when we approach these tests with the right expectations and frame of mind.

*Carl G. Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist who founded the school of depth psychology known as "analytical psychology". Educated in Basel, he spent the rest of his life in Zurich, working as an analyst, educator, and writer. His work is grounded in his classical education, clinical experience, respect for diverse cultures, and lifelong interest in human spiritual development. Photo and text excerpt from

Career, Health, IQ, and Relationship Self Tests - This is a great free resource for further introspective analysis. Where are you in your relationship ability? How Healthy Are You? What Career is Right For You? Great questions and very insightful results if taken properly. As with the Jungian tests above, the results are not the 'final word' but rather a type of barometer to gauge where you might stand with regards to an average finding in an area.

Psychology Today - This is a link to Tim Hamilton's featured page on This is a fantastic site and a great resource in itself to finding answers to some of life's tough questions.

Video and Graphic Production - a small business promotional company in Las Vegas to further the interests of business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level of success.

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